Canadian Province/Territory Project
For the final project of Canada, students will be researching the different provinces and territories of Canada. Final presentations will begin December 15 and go through December 20. Below, you will find an attachment with the expectations, as well as some useful websites. These websites are just a place to get started; you can find many other useful websites online.

Culturegrams website:
username: lesher
password: vikings
Then click on My Products Page
Then click on Culturegrams
Then click on Provinces edition

CIA World Factbook
Use the drag down menu to find Canada
This website only gives you information about Canada in general, not the different provinces

Canada Provinces and Territories

Kidszone Provinces

Using Maps of North America

Totem Pole Signs

Canada's History: First Nations

Natural Resources- Read pages 38-43 and 136-137 in your Geography Book. In class, we made group posters and did presentations. If you were absent, you will need to complete the worksheet attached (will be attached soon).

Political Map of Canada- you will need to pick up a hard copy from Mrs. Bergmann. There are no electronic copies.

Terry Fox- a national hero in Canada

Watch Visions of Canada Preview on PBS. See more from pbs.

Fast Facts- Using maps of Canada and North America

Learn the provinces and capitals of Canada