Cans Around the Oval at Lesher

Lesher Cans Around the Oval Survey
Teachers, please ask your students to count the cans in your ELO classes and record the information in the survey below.

Click here to visit the official Cans Around the Oval website

Who:Lesher Middle School, CSU and the entire Fort Collins Community

What: Cans Around the Oval is a food drive the CSU puts on to support the Larimer Country Food Bank. The Food that we raise will feed a lot of people in our community! There will be an ELO competition. The ELO that brings in the most cans will win a doughnut party.

When: The last day to bring in cans will be October 12th. On October 12, we will take the cans to CSU where they will tell us how many pounds of food we raised!

Where: Bring your cans into your ELO class.

Why: There are many people in Northern Colorado who don't know where their next meal is coming from. By bringing in cans, you are helping someone who is less fortunate than you. Let's show our community how much we care and how wonderful Lesher is!