Lesher_Vikings_Logo_SMALL.jpg Bienvenue au français 1B!

December 2 Practice
Click on the following links to access the online activities. You will complete 1 activity at a time and then return to this page in order to access the next activity. There are 3 activities, all of which need to be complete. When you are finished, sign onto conjuguemos and practice your French or explore this class website.
Les Verbes ER
Les Petits Mots
Les adverbes

To practice the things that we are learning in French, go to www.conjuguemos.com. Your login name is your last name followed by a 1 (i.e. Bergmann1) and your password is French1B (no space and capital B).

On va pratiquer... Click on the following links and they will guide you to websites where you can practice your French... on y va : )

- L'heure
- Les numéros

- Les verbes er
- Les jours et les mois
- La nourriture- McDonalds en France
- How to type French accents

Vidéo d'être-
Watch your classmates explain etre with a fun video!

Être PowerPoints by your classmates:

Voilà les vidéos interessants

Tiken Jah Fakoly- Ouvrez les Frontières

Learn about France